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Online Banking

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Online Banking

Manage your finances and your peace of mind simply and securely.

Enjoy our safe and secure online banking tools 24 hours a day.

Here's what you can do:

  • Manage and organize your finances 24/7
  • Check account balances, transfer funds, view statements and pay bills
  • Pay off balances or set up automatic payments
  • Receive account activity alerts
  • Download account information and activity to Quicken®, QuickBooks® or Microsoft Money®
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Quickly and easily make payments.

With online BillPay, you can pay everyone from your utility companies to your babysitter easily.

BillPay Features:

  • Schedule a payment for up to 90 days in advance
  • Pay multiple payees at once
  • Check your pending payments
  • View a payment history for all your payees
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Reference a list of frequently used payees
  • Quickly and conviently add or delete payees
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Account Alerts

The only alert more important than your social media updates.

Receive timely email notifications that make it easy to manage your accounts, monitor your spending, and help to protect you from fraudulent activity.

  • Manage Your Account Receive payment reminders, transaction updates, and notifications about monthly statement availability.
  • Monitor Your Spending Spending alerts help make managing your money easy. Monitor your balance amounts, overdraft protection usage, approaching credit limits, and other transactions occuring on your accounts. Spending alerts can even help with early identification of fraudulent activity on your accounts.
  • Protect Your Account Security notifications are sent when changes are made to your Online or Mobile Banking profile and BillPay account - helping with early detection of possible fraud.