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Online BillPay

Effortlessly manage your bills and watch your money grow with Online BillPay.

Save the stamp and the hassle of writing paper checks. Start paying all your monthly bills online. Send payments to a company or an individual.

Need to split the check for lunch, throw in for the office party, or send a cash birthday gift? Popmoney™ is a simple, convenient and secure way to send and receive money using your FNBO Direct accounts.

  • Send mobile and email payments directly from your FNBO Direct accounts.
  • Received money? Deposit it into your FNBO Direct accounts.
  • Free yourself from the hassle of check writing and bank visits.

Set up recurring payments and you'll never forget your monthly utility bill, your charitable gifts or even your neighborhood lawn service.

Enjoy the convenience of an FNBO Direct Visa® Check Card for all your everyday purchases!

  • Doubles as your ATM card for both your FNBO Direct Online Savings Account and BillPay Account.
  • Use it at over 840,000 Plus locations nationwide. Qualifying balances will not be charged for the first 4 foreign ATM fees each statement period.1
  • Free enrollment in My DealsSM giving you money saving offers at popular merchants.

Get started managing your bills with online BillPay today!

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¹ If you qualify, we'll waive up to four occurrences of this fee in any month (on FNBO Direct Visa Check Cards only). You'll qualify if the daily principal balance of your FNBO Direct BillPay Account for the proceeding month was $25,000 or more. An ATM is considered a 'foreign ATM' if it is not branded with the logo. If we own the foreign ATM: (1) we will not charge you a foreign ATM fee for using it (2) if a surcharge applies, it will be disclosed at the ATM (currently such 'owned' foreign ATM 'surcharges' do not exceed $10.00). If you use an ATM that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by any network used (and you may be charged a fee for a balance inquiry even if you do not complete a transaction).

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